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Exproteam Ltd. and its intellectual property has been on the commercial vehicle market for 25 years. During the first 10 years, the company has been focusing on transportation and forwarding of commercial vehicles, including their custom procedures, from which the core business has evolved to be commercial vehicle sales by 2000. Exproteam Ltd. carries out classical import trade based on the contracts with Daimler Trucks Ag and its predecessors, which activity is being conceived as domestic trade since 2004 EU accession.The central regions of Hungary, including Budapest, has achieved and important role and has strengthened its market position – based on recent sales statistics. In the recent years, Exproteam Ltd. has an annual sales of 70-100 vehicles, with which it has achieved in the Pest County an 8% market share. The vehicles being traded include: used vehicles as well as ones in excellent condition, both heavy & medium-heavy Mercedes type of vehicles. Exproteam Ltd. undertakes in every case further warranty beyond factory warranty for all its vehicles.

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